Goddess of Damnation

New York - Zombie Metal Band


Goddess of Damnation is a New York zombie / doom /metal band.

They make hard hitting motivational music for the masses! In the year 2021 Goddess of Damnation was formed and Ali its founder had this to say.

"Our band is a little bit different than your usual death metal band, we like to make doomy/zombie metal music and combine a couple of genres but are mostly a thrash-doom metal band. Our influences are Megadeth, Insomnium and Lamb of God. We are new to the scene and hope to bring metal to all our fans and followers. In metal \m/ we live on!!!"

[Goddess of Damnation]. Brings you their latest title track release [Goddess of Damnation]. Ali [founder] has battled homelessness, substance abuse and mental illness. She is the writer behind the music. She enjoys putting back and participating in her community.

The direction of the bands music are holistically about her belief in that a zombie apocalypse would come of the end of the world. We are not far off that with covid-19, but we are just waiting for the zombies to show up! Ali finds that it is a cathartic process of healing within herself. She likes to process her trauma by putting it in her music. Once the bands song has been finished, she can then let go of it and feel better within herself, she enthuses.

Goddess of Damnation was formed in 2021 and is now touring Australia. Ali [Lead and Rhythm guitars [band founder] Madison [Vocals] Alex [Bass Guitars] Damien [Drums] Agor [Keyboards] Visit the bands Spotify Artist page here by clicking on the spotify logo mydesk